Good Health Starts with You.

A common question that I get is if I treat myself.

My answer: heck yeah!!

If I start feeling like I am getting sick I give myself a treatment, boy do I love to bleed my jingwells (HA!).

If I am feeling stressed out, I "lobotomize" my brain so I can chill out.

If I can't sleep, I knock myself out with just a few needles and some moxa (a little can go a loooong way).

My health is important to me. There is no way that I would be able to get all the things that I do done and live the life that I want if I didn't stay on top of my health (both physically and mentally).

It is so easy to get stuck in a pain/stress/tired cycle. When this happens your view on life starts to get a little crooked. You don't find joy in the little things and find yourself criticizing everything. In short, you become unhappy.

Have you noticed the weather this week? it has been a PERFECT Colorado Fall. Chilly mornings and evenings, warm afternoons,

Did you really TASTE the last thing you ate or drank? or did you just robot your way through your meal (there is a reason we have tastebuds!).

Did you say "Hi" to the last person you interacted with and actually make eye contact and smile?

Life can be hard, but that doesn't mean you have to be. How you live is your choice, choose to be happy and healthy.

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