One of my all time favorite treatment modalities is cupping.

Cupping has shown to be incredibly effective in reducing pain and soreness in muscles, increasing circulation, removing toxins and stagnant blood (which in turn increases recovery time for injuries and illness), promoting relaxation and increasing sense of well-being.

What does cupping treat?

~ Tired sore muscles
~ Detoxification
~ High Blood Pressure
~ Migraines
~ Anxiety and Depression
~ Varicose Veins
~ Lung Congestion and Issues
~ Strengthens Immunity

The marks that are left after cupping is significant with knowing what is going on in the interior of the body. The marks "are the physical outcome of pathogens, toxins, blockages and impurities (waste products)..." that are present in the body. The color and reaction varies depending on what is being treated.

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