Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain.

Fibromyalgia symptoms may include:

~ Widespread Pain

~ Fatigue (it is difficult to get a good night sleep when you are in pain)

~ Cognitive Difficulties – It is called “Fibro Fog” the ability to focus, pay attention and concentrate on mental tasks is impaired

~ Mood Disorders – when you are in chronic pain you relate to people and life differently, many times this leads to anxiety and depression

As of now, there is no cure for fibromyalgia, but there are ways that you can manage it. These are:

~ Exercise – although it may be difficult at first, it is really important. Start easy and don’t overdo it. For extreme cases heated pool therapy is a great place to start. The heat helps circulation and to loosen up muscles, while the water movement is low to no impact so you won’t be hurting yourself. When you are ready you can start exercising outside of the pool.

~ Acupuncture – Acupuncture helps circulation and relieve pain. I personally, have had great success with my fibromyalgia patients.

~ Sleep – A solid night of sleep is hard to get when you are in pain. But, it is the most important time for your body because that is when it heals and recharges itself. Start a sleep journal and make better habits surrounding your sleep (no TV or internet right before bed, no caffeine after a certain time of the day…etc.)

~ Diet/Lifestyle Change – sugar, alcohol and an overload of carbs is NOT HEALTHY. In fact, all three of those decrease your immune response and bacteria FEEDS off the sugar. If you are tired of being in pain and sick all the time, cut the crap out.

Being in constant pain is horrible, that feeling of hopelessness is hard to shake off. But, by starting slow and being consistent you can start working towards a better tomorrow. Give me a holler if you have any questions or need some extra support.