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I have been getting inquiries about whether or not Wildflower Acupuncture does electroacupuncture. Not only do we do it, but we are GREAT at it!

I have found that my patients recovery time is significantly quicker when I hook them up to my E-Stim machine.

What can be treated with electrotherapy?

~ Back Pain
~ Sciatica
~ Tennis/Golf Elbow
~ Sports Injuries and General Maintenance
~ Bone fractures and Breaks
~ Facial Paralysis (Stroke, Bell's Palsy)
~ Paraplegia/Hemiplegia
~ Abdominal Pain
~ Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
~ Neuralgia (Nerve Pain/Damage)
~ Arthritis

What does Electroacupuncture do?

~ Promotes Circulation (which is essential for healing)
~ Relieves Pain
~ Warms Muscle
~ Turns you into a badass

One day or day one, it is your choice.

Choose to BLOOM!!