Scared of Needles? Get Cupped!

I LOVE cupping!! Not only do I love to cup my patients but I love to receive cupping as well.

What are the health benefits of cupping?

~Improves circulation (tight muscles, high blood pressure)
~Helps relieve Pain (ALL the pain!)
~Pulls out toxins (getting sick or can't get over a cough?)

When I trained at the CU Boulder Athletic Center cupping was one of my go-to therapies for the Division 1 Athletes that I treated.

I have also effectively used it to help patients with sciatica, high levels of stress, headaches and those that were getting sick or couldn't get rid of a cough.

Cupping works, world class athletes get cupped (Michael Phelps, DeMarcus Ware, Kyle Singler) Celebrities even swear by it (Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga).

Good health starts with you, choose to BLOOM!

wildflower acupuncture cupping.jpg